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[About us]
About us
From Mr. King vs Mr. Prince, to Mr. KING and Prince, to King & Prince, this community is for all things Kishi Yuta, Iwahashi Genki, Hirano Sho, Jinguji Yuta, Nagase Ren and Takahashi Kaito-related.

Currently the moderators are: ihsarafes/hiranosho and massu_taichi

Scan credit to yoshiko_mama@lj

[Rules and Membership]
Rules and Membership
As a member of this community, you should be sure to follow any specific rules users may outline on their post but the golden rule of fandom on livejournal is:

Keep any shared material to yourself - strictly no streaming or selling of media, including reposting someone's links using or similar sites.
-> The poster may allow you to share links to friends privately.

Membership is moderated, you don't have to leave any comment anywhere, but if you would like to introduce yourself, you can do so on this post! :)
*Livejournal accounts only, please.

[Posting Guidelines]
Posting Guidelines

  • You must be the original poster (OP) of whatever you post OR have permission from the OP to repost.

  • Any post that includes something other than text should be set to members only.

  • If you have specific rules for what downloaders do with your media, state them in your post.

  • Maximum image width = 600px

  • Be polite and respectful!

  • This is not a place to post fanfiction.

  • You ARE allowed to make requests (for TV shows, radio recordings) but NOT paid media (DVDs, Blurays, CDs). These are available for purchase internationally and members will share with the community if they wish to.

  • NOT REQUIRED but it would be nice if your userpic was Kinpuri related.

About Tags
! introduction, ! mod post, ! membership, ! rules - Used by mods only
Only use the member tags if a post is specific to that person, same goes for Mr King/Mr Prince tags
// lyrics refers to a text post of lyrics - don't use it for a karaoke video.
// scans is for raw scans - scanlations should be tagged // translation